Save On Bank Fees By Ordering Cheques Online

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When Amber Leung set up her graphic design business, she created an eye-catching logo to use on her stationary, web site, marketing brochures and even on her Prius. Applying her logo and colour scheme onto her cheques was a natural extension of the corporate identity she developed. Yet her bank had other ideas.

Amber’s bank, like most financial institutions, had a limited set of designs to offer. Customizing cheques involved major headaches not to mention fees!

After Amber started searching for alternatives, she discovered online cheque ordering was not only more flexible but less expensive too.

Her customized cheques included her logo and a specialized font. Setting up her custom cheques was as easy as ordering business cards. All Amber had to do was to email the logo and text file. To ensure that the results would meet her expectations, she requested a proof copy emailed to her in order to approve the final print run.

As Amber learned, you don’t have to pay through the nose at your local bank to get quality cheques.

Ordering cheques online also turned out to have additional advantages for Amber – freebies such as additional cheques at no extra cost, or double window envelopes for mailing cheques out right of the printer.

One of the advantages of a one-of-a-kind cheque design like Amber’s is that it reduces the likelihood of cheque fraud.

Even if you aren’t a graphic artist, online cheque suppliers provide a dizzying selection of designs.

Unlike banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, online cheque suppliers can keep their overhead low and pass savings on to consumers. They aren’t bogged down by bureaucracy and juggling a multitude of service needs. By exclusively focusing on cheques, they can offer introductory offers, competitive pricing, streamlined processes and economies of scale — to ensure you pay the least and get the most.

Online cheque suppliers offer the same security and features as financial institutions as well as additional order flexibility and order options such as business cheque binders and deposit books.

Most organizations in the security printing industry have implemented stringent safeguards in order to be compliant with regulatory requirements.

For additional security, many suppliers offer superior technology to deter cut-and-paste forgery as well as ensure that duplication is impossible.

Look for an MP icon as proof that micro-security print is used in the design. This is very small print that will break up if it is photocopied. Other security features ensure that your cheque is certified as original. Stains or spots will appear if your cheque is tampered with.

Need to reorder immediately? No need to wait for 14 business days. In some cases, cheques orders can be expedited and supplied in a matter of days.

Save on time and trim banking fees by ordering discount cheques for your banking account online. Why go to your bank!

On our website you can order custom laser cheques, continuous cheques and manual cheques.

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