Tami R. (Ollie Express | Edmonton, Alberta)

I am glad that your company is available to compete with these large Bank supply outfits that charge too much and have lousy customer service.

This, on top of the quality, great appearance and the great price, makes us happy to have found your service.

Michael S. (Bookeeper | CPB | Nanaimo, British Columbia)

Best looking cheques I was able to find on any of the cheque supply websites and great pricing, customer service too. Thank you for the follow up.

Angela C. (The FM Network Inc. | Fredericton, New Brunswick)

Just wanted to say thank you for being so quick with this second order. We got the cheques today and they look fantastic! Thanks again.

Justin T. (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Yes, I got them last night. I am very impressed with the cheques and will be ordering them again from Cheque Depot. Thanks again.

John F. (Automotive Part Techniques | Toronto, Ontario)

Received my cheques and binder today, they look awesome. Thanks for the proof and fast turn-a-round.

Mark N. (Dental Associate group | Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Got the cheques via Courier and they are as good looking as the proof. Thank you for the prompt service.

Lori G. (Dogs Salon | Toronto, Ontario)

The proof looked really good and the actual cheques better. I already have a binder, thanks.

Slade D. (Slade And Associates | Mission, British Columbia)

Thank you for checking on them. The cheques arrived just after lunch on Friday. They look great and I wrote out 23 of them on Saturday.

I appreciate your follow up and look forward to passing on your companys contact information to other small business operators like myself who flinch at Bank price gouging.