You Do Not Have to Order Cheques From Your Bank or Credit Union

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Many Canadian cheque customers are under the impression that they MUST order their Manual or Laser cheques from their Bank or Credit Union.

This is simply NOT the case!!

Selling cheques to YOU is actually a major source of revenue to your financial institution!

DID YOU KNOW – Your Bank or Credit Union receives a substantial commission for directing YOU to purchase your cheques from their national manufacturer.

AND JUST THINK – You can avoid the stress and frustration of trying to order cheques from your Bank or Credit Union by ordering simply and efficiently from the Cheque Depot website online.

FACT – It’s seldom easy to find “Someone” in your Bank or Credit Union who can or is willing to provide you with information on how you can order cheques from their national manufacturer.   AND – If you do find “Someone” to discuss your cheque requirements with, do they ever know what your cost of the cheques will be???

WHY NOT – Order cheques from the CHEQUE DEPOT online website –AND from the convenience of your Home or Office AND SAVE up to 50% off Bank and Credit Union prices!!!

CHEQUE OUT – Our website and see just how easy it is to order your cheques and cheque supplies – hassle-free!!!

WE PROOF IT TO YOU – All cheques are printed on “top-of-the-line” cheque security paper and you receive a PROOF of your cheque for your approval just prior to printing and shipping via Signature Courier service.

EXTRA BONUS CHEQUES – We provide free bonus cheques to you with your initial order as a THANK YOU for trying out our Service and Quality!!


Cheque Printing Standards According to the Canadian Payments Association (CPA)

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The Canadian Payments Association (CPA) is a not-for-profit association created in 1980 by an Act of Parliament.

There are changes to cheques. Do your cheques meet the new CPA standards? Here are the facts you need to know.

In 2005 the CPA announced new specifications for personal and business cheques. The CPA extended the transition period until September 2, 2008.If you ordered cheques after 2005 they already meet the new standard but here is how it affects you:

  • Financial Institutions will recognize that some “old format” business cheques still exist and they will accept them until further notice to avoid potential disruption.
  • Clients with the “old format” cheques can continue to use them until their supply is gone.

The easiest way for you to make sure your cheques meet the new standard is the date format. If the format is MMDDYYYY or DDMMYYYY or YYYYMMDD, your cheques meet the new standard.

These new standards are intended to ensure that cheques can leverage all new image technologies. The new specifications as outlined in CPA Standard 006, Part A, are necessary to ensure that high-quality cheque images can be captured, both for clearing purposes and for delivery to clients, and to enhance processing efficiency.

Here are 7 things to check for issued on the new standard cheques

  • As mentioned above check that the dates are MMDDYYY or DDMMYYY. If so, your cheques meet the new standard.
  • The serial number should be encoded in the MICR line.
  • The minimum length of cheque increases.
  • Security features do not interfere with image capture.
  • Standardized positions for key fields on the cheque (i.e. field amount).
  • New requirements for the reverse of the cheque.
  • No elements that could hinder image capture on the cheque (i.e. inverse printing, italics, slanted fonts, black carbon on the reverse of cheques, a bottom border, and complex or colorful backgrounds.

In addition to the things to look for, the main things that have changed on Cheques are:

  • An increase in the minimum length of cheques to 6 ¼”, or 15.88 cm, from 6”, to ensure there is enough space for the mandatory serial number in the MICR line.
  • A mandatory serial number in the MICR line encoded at the bottom of the cheque.
  • Specified positions for key fields on the cheque, including the date field and the amount in figures.
  • New printing requirements on the reverse of the cheque so that image capture can be verified.
  • Disallowance of elements that may hinder the capture of images or data from the cheque.
  • A provision to ensure that security features do not interfere with key data, or “areas of interest,” as defined in Standard 006, Part A, and either prior to imaging or post imaging. In particular, if a VOID pantograph or other hidden pantograph is used, the pantograph must not be visible on images captured from original cheques.
  • Some revisions to technical specifications (e.g. Print Contrast Signal) to ensure high-quality images can be captured. For example, some colourful or detailed backgrounds that have been used on cheques to date may interfere with image quality and may need to be changed.

If you would like more information about Cheque Standards visit the CPA standards for cheques webpage.

Cheque Printing Options for Businesses

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Cheque Printing for Business

Cheque Printing For Your Business

No longer is the bank your only resource for cheque printing for your business. Now there are ways that you can print your own cheques using your laser or inkjet printer as well as ordering custom cheques from an online provider.

This article about cheque printing provides some useful information for business professionals wanting to print their own cheques. Using our online cheque ordering system, you can easily have custom cheques printed in less than a week. We do cheque printing for any accounting software, manual hand-written business cheques and computer cheques you can use with your laser or inkjet printer. Your order is shipped within three to four business days and all their cheques are Canadian Payments Association (CPA) compliant.

Placing an order for cheque printing at Cheque Depot is also a very fast and convenient way to get your cheques. During the order process you can choose the kind of cheques you want for your business: laser cheques, continuous computer cheques or manual cheques. Then you are given a options of how you want your cheque to look:

  • Your business information
  • Your banking information
  • The cheque design and colour
  • Custom text on the cheque
  • Add a custom logo
  • Choose your accounting software

One important thing about our cheque printing is that all our laser, manual and computer cheques are secure and fully compatible with CPA standards. The CPA standards are the new Canadian Payment Associations regulations for cheques. It is mandatory that all cheques printed anytime now or in the future have these standards. To find out more about this you can go to the CPA website.

Cheque Printing Software

Another option for business professionals is to use cheque printing software to print on custom cheques. If you are already using a custom account software package then you can order cheques that can easily be printed using a laser printer or inkjet printer. Our cheques will work with any cheque printing software. This is a list of the most popular cheque printing and accounting software programs we support:

  • Simply Accounting
  • Peacetree Accounting
  • Quickbooks
  • Quicken
  • AccPac
  • PC Law
  • ESI-Law

For a full list of other cheque printing software we support visit our custom cheque printing software page.

Cheque printing software is a wonderful new tool because if you’re in a hurry you can print a custom cheque in a few minutes. It also allows you to have more complete control over the design of your cheques, and customize with your own logo. Business professionals can now have the option to save time and money with cheque printing.

The Basics of Laser Cheques and the Benefits for Your Business

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A sample of a laser cheque (click on image for full-size)

What is a Laser Cheque?

Laser cheques are a newer style of cheques that make it fast and easy to order cheques right from home. With laser printed cheques you can easily order them have them delivered in a week.

The laser cheque is one that is printed from a laser printer. And, a laser printer is a common type of printer that quickly prints high quality on plain paper. Laser printers use a xerographic printing process that uses a laser beam across the printer’s photoreceptor.  The laser beam that is used in a laser printer projects an image of the page to an electronically charged rotating drum with a chemical element called selenium. Photoconductivity takes away charge from the areas in the photo exposed to light. Toner is then electrostatically picked up by the drums charged areas. Then, it prints an image using direct contact and heat.

What are the advantages to using laser cheques for your business?

Getting laser cheques printed is both easy and fast. There are many advantages to getting laser cheques for your business or personal use. Here are a few:

  • The ability to print multiple-copy cheques on carbonless copy paper
  • The ability to customize cheques by inserting the choice of client name, logo, financial institution, account number, etc.
  • The ability to configure print settings to number the pages so that they can be superimposed and speed up the cutting process at the end.
  • The ability to print with different formats, and print several cheques on a single sheet.
  • Flexible input and output options
  • Less wasted stock. Laser printers have better typographical control resulting in more cheque detail information being able to be printed on one cheque stub, therefore reducing the amount of stock wasted.
  • Laser cheques provide more security. With multi-level password protection, a user access log, and cheque printing audit trails laser cheques are secure. You can also purchase a software security key.
  • The ability to use positive pay files. With laser cheques you can generate a positive pay file that can be sent to inform your bank of the cheques that have been cut. That way, the  bank takes responsibility for cashing fraudulent cheques that have not been pre-approved
  • Laser cheques are user friendly. Printing and getting help and feedback in printing your cheques is easy.
  • No premium costs added onto your cheque order. When you order cheques from a bank or similar institution they will charge a premium cost since printing cheques is not their primary business.

Where do I find laser cheques?

We have been in the custom laser cheque business for many years. If you have any questions about how laser cheques can save you money and time, please contact us. You can view our selection of high-quality laser cheques in our online storefront.

Secure Your Cheques: The Age-Old Business of Cheque Fraud

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When it comes to cheque fraud, one of the age-old problems is detecting the fakes from the legitimate cheques.

Cheque fraud has a long and colourful history in Canada, and it is one of the fastest growing segments of financial crime tied to organized crime. Commercial cheque fraud is estimated to cost North American banks $20 billion CAD each year. Two years ago, the RCMP broke a Montreal-based counterfeit cheque scheme worth $195 million.

Cheque scams often start with a lottery prize that comes in the form of a letter or email that comes from a bank or institution claiming to be associated with a legitimate business. In order to collect the lottery prize, the victim is asked to deposit a fake cheque and then wire the money back to cover an administration fee.

The scammer is hoping you will deposit the cheque and then withdraw the funds before the cheque is verified. The bad news is that you are liable for whatever you deposit into your account.

If you have withdrawn funds under the assumption that the cheque was good, you are on the hook up to six years later. Legally, you as the depositor are on the hook even if initially the bank cleared the cheque.

Although some financial institutions have cheque verification devices in their branches, in many cases, cheques have to travel between your branch, the bank, and its processing center before they are cleared. In the meantime, the bank which deposits the cheque credits you with funds until it bounces.

Cheque fraud takes three guides: counterfeit cheques that were never authorized or signed by the account holder, cheques with altered amounts, and cheques stolen from you.

Avoiding Cheque Fraud – Tips For Consumers and Businesses

  • To protect yourself from cheque theft and fraud, reduce the amount of paper in favour of electronic payments and pre-authorized payments.
  • Keep your cheques under lock and key.
  • Reduce the number of cheques you keep.
  • Only order one set at a time.
  • Don’t trash your cheques without shredding them first. Thieves pick through recycling and garbage bins.
  • Destroy unused cheques from accounts that are no longer active. Safeguard your cheques. And check your bank statements as soon as they appear. Use a cheque numbering system that is continuous when you re-order cheques to help you keep track of numbers.
  • If you receive a cheque, make sure that the payee name printed on the cheque is correct. Be on the lookout for unusual-looking signatures. Business cheques typically contain watermarks, holograms and have perforated edges.

Take these tips into account and you can protect yourself and your business from cheque fraud in Canada or anywhere else.

Save On Bank Fees By Ordering Cheques Online

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When Amber Leung set up her graphic design business, she created an eye-catching logo to use on her stationary, web site, marketing brochures and even on her Prius. Applying her logo and colour scheme onto her cheques was a natural extension of the corporate identity she developed. Yet her bank had other ideas.

Amber’s bank, like most financial institutions, had a limited set of designs to offer. Customizing cheques involved major headaches not to mention fees!

After Amber started searching for alternatives, she discovered online cheque ordering was not only more flexible but less expensive too.

Her customized cheques included her logo and a specialized font. Setting up her custom cheques was as easy as ordering business cards. All Amber had to do was to email the logo and text file. To ensure that the results would meet her expectations, she requested a proof copy emailed to her in order to approve the final print run.

As Amber learned, you don’t have to pay through the nose at your local bank to get quality cheques.

Ordering cheques online also turned out to have additional advantages for Amber – freebies such as additional cheques at no extra cost, or double window envelopes for mailing cheques out right of the printer.

One of the advantages of a one-of-a-kind cheque design like Amber’s is that it reduces the likelihood of cheque fraud.

Even if you aren’t a graphic artist, online cheque suppliers provide a dizzying selection of designs.

Unlike banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, online cheque suppliers can keep their overhead low and pass savings on to consumers. They aren’t bogged down by bureaucracy and juggling a multitude of service needs. By exclusively focusing on cheques, they can offer introductory offers, competitive pricing, streamlined processes and economies of scale — to ensure you pay the least and get the most.

Online cheque suppliers offer the same security and features as financial institutions as well as additional order flexibility and order options such as business cheque binders and deposit books.

Most organizations in the security printing industry have implemented stringent safeguards in order to be compliant with regulatory requirements.

For additional security, many suppliers offer superior technology to deter cut-and-paste forgery as well as ensure that duplication is impossible.

Look for an MP icon as proof that micro-security print is used in the design. This is very small print that will break up if it is photocopied. Other security features ensure that your cheque is certified as original. Stains or spots will appear if your cheque is tampered with.

Need to reorder immediately? No need to wait for 14 business days. In some cases, cheques orders can be expedited and supplied in a matter of days.

Save on time and trim banking fees by ordering discount cheques for your banking account online. Why go to your bank!

On our website you can order custom laser cheques, continuous cheques and manual cheques.