Cheque Printing Options for Businesses

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Cheque Printing for Business

Cheque Printing For Your Business

No longer is the bank your only resource for cheque printing for your business. Now there are ways that you can print your own cheques using your laser or inkjet printer as well as ordering custom cheques from an online provider.

This article about cheque printing provides some useful information for business professionals wanting to print their own cheques. Using our online cheque ordering system, you can easily have custom cheques printed in less than a week. We do cheque printing for any accounting software, manual hand-written business cheques and computer cheques you can use with your laser or inkjet printer. Your order is shipped within three to four business days and all their cheques are Canadian Payments Association (CPA) compliant.

Placing an order for cheque printing at Cheque Depot is also a very fast and convenient way to get your cheques. During the order process you can choose the kind of cheques you want for your business: laser cheques, continuous computer cheques or manual cheques. Then you are given a options of how you want your cheque to look:

  • Your business information
  • Your banking information
  • The cheque design and colour
  • Custom text on the cheque
  • Add a custom logo
  • Choose your accounting software

One important thing about our cheque printing is that all our laser, manual and computer cheques are secure and fully compatible with CPA standards. The CPA standards are the new Canadian Payment Associations regulations for cheques. It is mandatory that all cheques printed anytime now or in the future have these standards. To find out more about this you can go to the CPA website.

Cheque Printing Software

Another option for business professionals is to use cheque printing software to print on custom cheques. If you are already using a custom account software package then you can order cheques that can easily be printed using a laser printer or inkjet printer. Our cheques will work with any cheque printing software. This is a list of the most popular cheque printing and accounting software programs we support:

  • Simply Accounting
  • Peacetree Accounting
  • Quickbooks
  • Quicken
  • AccPac
  • PC Law
  • ESI-Law

For a full list of other cheque printing software we support visit our custom cheque printing software page.

Cheque printing software is a wonderful new tool because if you’re in a hurry you can print a custom cheque in a few minutes. It also allows you to have more complete control over the design of your cheques, and customize with your own logo. Business professionals can now have the option to save time and money with cheque printing.

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