Here is a list of commonly asked questions. If you need more information, email info@chequedepot.com.

    1. What security features do you offer on your cheques?
    2. What types of cheques do you print?
    3. Do you offer the personal wallet size cheques?
    4. Do you print logos on your cheques?
    5. Where are the cheques produced?
    6. How long will it take to receive my cheques?
    7. Can I cancel my order?
    8. How do you ship and are there shipping  and handling charges?
    9. What if there is a mistake on my cheque?
    10. Do you guarantee the cheques?
    11. What are the new CPA standards about?
    12. How can I contact Cheque Depot?

    What security features do you offer on your cheques?
    We print all our cheques on premium security paper at no extra cost with:

    • TonerFuse II – makes the toner adhere to stock, cannot be scraped off or removed by tape
    • Invisible fluorescent fibres – visible only with a black light, cannot be copied
    • Basketweave backprint – discourages attempts to cut & paste
    • Chemical sensitive – alteration resistant to bleach or solvents
    • Microprint borders – tiny font that cannot be photocopied
    • Warning band (on laser cheques only) – warns of security features in stock

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    What types of cheques do you print?

    • Laser and inkjet style computer cheques for any accounting software packages, including but not limited to Quicken, Simply Accounting, Accpac etc.
    • Continuous form cheques for tractor or pin feed printers for major accounting software

    You may need to send us a void cheque for the first order.

    Do you offer the wallet size/style cheques?
    No. We only print business size cheques.
    However, if you want to save up to 50% , you can order our business size manual cheques for personal use.

    Do you print logos on your cheques?
    YES, we print logos in black ink for a one-time additional charge of $25.00.  We will email you a reminder to send the logo if you do not upload it when you order your cheques. The email will include instructions and specifications for the logo:
    • Logos can be emailed as a PDF, tiff or jpg file. Resolution should be minimum of 600dpi
    • The printed logo will be only be as good as the artwork provided
    • If specific fonts & spacing is part of your logo, you must include the text when sending your logo
    • Please include your company name & phone number in your email
    • Your order will be on hold, until your logo is received
    • We do not print your bank’s logo.


    Where are the cheques produced ?
    All cheques are manufactured in a secure Canadian print facility that has produced cheques for over 25 years, and is listed on the Canadian Payment Association’s (CPA) website.


    How long will it take to receive my cheques?

    • Once we’ve received complete order infomation, we provide a proof for your approval
    • Once proof is approved, we begin production immediately and ship within 2 business days
    • Order is shipped via ground courier to ensure signed-for, door-to-door, secure delivery of your cheques.


    Can I cancel my order?
    YES, however because we produce your order so quickly, the order can only be cancelled on the same day it was placed. We cannot accept cancellations after that time. Contact orders@chequedepot.com immediately if you need to cancel or put a hold on your order for any reason.


    How do you ship the order and are there shipping charges?
    All orders are shipped via ground courier to ensure signed-for, door-to-door, secure delivery of your cheques.   Shipping and handling fees are extra, based on averaged destination freight costs.  

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    What if there is a mistake on my cheque?

    • You must contact us within 30 days of receiving the order
    • If the error is our mistake, we will replace the cheques at no charge

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    Do you guarantee the cheques?

    • We guarantee fast production on all standard products
    • We guarantee your cheques will be 100% compatible with your current accounting system
    • We guarantee your cheques will meet or exceed industry bank processing standards, including CPA 006 regulations
    • Every order is scanned through a verifier to ensure accurate encoding of crucial bank information
    • We guarantee we will not share, use, or disclose your personal information for any reason other than fulfilling your order
    • All guarantees are furnished on the condition that liability is limited to replacement of the forms or a refund issued

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    What are the new CPA standards about?
    The Canadian Payment Association (CPA), the national body that sets the rules and standards for all Canadian financial institutions, has recently published new specifications for Canadian cheques. The aim is to make the cheque clearing process more efficient by capturing digital images of the cheques so they can be cleared electronically. Our cheques are 100% compliant.
    All Canadian cheques will require some changes to align with the specifications now in effect. The CPA had a grace period for ‘old format’ business cheques until September 02, 2008. Here are the key changes required to meet the new specifications:

    • Numeric date field in one of the specified formats (MMDDYYYY), (DDMMYYYY) or (YYYYMMDD) with the field indicators printed below the date field to indicate which format is being used
    • Guidance boxes are not required on computer generated cheques
    • Mandatory serial number (cheque number) in the MICR line encoded at the bottom left hand side of the cheque
    • Increase in the minimum length of a cheque from 6 inches to 6 ½ inches
    • Disallowance of elements that may hinder capture of images or dates from the cheques including inverse printing, italics and slanted fonts
    • New printing requirements on the reverse of the cheque so that image capture can be verified
    • Security features must not interfere with areas of interest
    • Pantographs must not be visible on images captured from original cheques
    • Some revisions to technical specifications (eg. Print contrast signal) to ensure high-quality images can be captured
    • Your software must be updated to print required fields

    An overview of the cheque specification changes and the complete new version of CPA Standard 006 are available at www.cdnpay.ca

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    How can I contact Cheque Depot?

    Cheque Depot Ventures Ltd.
    #201 – 338 West 8th Ave
    Vancouver, BC V5Y 3X2

    Send sample/VOIDED cheques to the address above; FAX to 604-873-2900;  or email image to orders@chequedepot.com

    General information:  info@chequedepot.com
    Sales queries: sales@chequedepot.com
    Order queries: orders@chequedepot.com

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