The Basics of Laser Cheques and the Benefits for Your Business

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A sample of a laser cheque (click on image for full-size)

What is a Laser Cheque?

Laser cheques are a newer style of cheques that make it fast and easy to order cheques right from home. With laser printed cheques you can easily order them have them delivered in a week.

The laser cheque is one that is printed from a laser printer. And, a laser printer is a common type of printer that quickly prints high quality on plain paper. Laser printers use a xerographic printing process that uses a laser beam across the printer’s photoreceptor.  The laser beam that is used in a laser printer projects an image of the page to an electronically charged rotating drum with a chemical element called selenium. Photoconductivity takes away charge from the areas in the photo exposed to light. Toner is then electrostatically picked up by the drums charged areas. Then, it prints an image using direct contact and heat.

What are the advantages to using laser cheques for your business?

Getting laser cheques printed is both easy and fast. There are many advantages to getting laser cheques for your business or personal use. Here are a few:

  • The ability to print multiple-copy cheques on carbonless copy paper
  • The ability to customize cheques by inserting the choice of client name, logo, financial institution, account number, etc.
  • The ability to configure print settings to number the pages so that they can be superimposed and speed up the cutting process at the end.
  • The ability to print with different formats, and print several cheques on a single sheet.
  • Flexible input and output options
  • Less wasted stock. Laser printers have better typographical control resulting in more cheque detail information being able to be printed on one cheque stub, therefore reducing the amount of stock wasted.
  • Laser cheques provide more security. With multi-level password protection, a user access log, and cheque printing audit trails laser cheques are secure. You can also purchase a software security key.
  • The ability to use positive pay files. With laser cheques you can generate a positive pay file that can be sent to inform your bank of the cheques that have been cut. That way, the  bank takes responsibility for cashing fraudulent cheques that have not been pre-approved
  • Laser cheques are user friendly. Printing and getting help and feedback in printing your cheques is easy.
  • No premium costs added onto your cheque order. When you order cheques from a bank or similar institution they will charge a premium cost since printing cheques is not their primary business.

Where do I find laser cheques?

We have been in the custom laser cheque business for many years. If you have any questions about how laser cheques can save you money and time, please contact us. You can view our selection of high-quality laser cheques in our online storefront.