You Do Not Have to Order Cheques From Your Bank or Credit Union

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Many Canadian cheque customers are under the impression that they MUST order their Manual or Laser cheques from their Bank or Credit Union.

This is simply NOT the case!!

Selling cheques to YOU is actually a major source of revenue to your financial institution!

DID YOU KNOW – Your Bank or Credit Union receives a substantial commission for directing YOU to purchase your cheques from their national manufacturer.

AND JUST THINK – You can avoid the stress and frustration of trying to order cheques from your Bank or Credit Union by ordering simply and efficiently from the Cheque Depot website online.

FACT – It’s seldom easy to find “Someone” in your Bank or Credit Union who can or is willing to provide you with information on how you can order cheques from their national manufacturer.   AND – If you do find “Someone” to discuss your cheque requirements with, do they ever know what your cost of the cheques will be???

WHY NOT – Order cheques from the CHEQUE DEPOT online website –AND from the convenience of your Home or Office AND SAVE up to 50% off Bank and Credit Union prices!!!

CHEQUE OUT – Our website and see just how easy it is to order your cheques and cheque supplies – hassle-free!!!

WE PROOF IT TO YOU – All cheques are printed on “top-of-the-line” cheque security paper and you receive a PROOF of your cheque for your approval just prior to printing and shipping via Signature Courier service.

EXTRA BONUS CHEQUES – We provide free bonus cheques to you with your initial order as a THANK YOU for trying out our Service and Quality!!


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